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Press Release   •   Aug 04, 2012 08:01 BST

Social studies vary between the countries and human society that is not a synonymous of social science and sociology. It is an integrated study of human and their civic activities. The major purpose of social study is to promote civic competition. It requires knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the people. Civic competition is not only a responsibility of neither social studies nor it is an exclusive field, but it is more central to social studies only. It has its importance for the students those are committed to the values and ideas of their democratic republic.

Social studies are integrated studies of humanities to promote the civic competition. It is defined by American national council for the social studies. Mainly it refers to the name of the course that generally focuses on the local community and family. The students must be able to use knowledge about their nation, community, and world and along with this they must have a data collection for analysis, problem solving, collaboration and decision making process. Students who have these skills, knowledge, communities and data are be able improve the democracy as well as to shape their future.

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Social studies are considered as integrated studies of humanities for encouraging the civic contest. American social council has defined Social study. Chiefly, it refers to the name of course, which generally emphasize on the local family and community. Social study varies among various countries. It is not a synonymous of sociology and social science. Thus, it can be stated that social study is an incorporated study of human beings and their civic activities.