Some Fantastic News for Ian Blay and Falcon

Press Release   •   Nov 22, 2010 13:52 GMT

Falcon is delighted to announce that Ian Blay, one of our Senior Service Engineers, has just graduated with a Foundation Degree in Information Technology (IT) from Birkbeck College, University College London (UCL). It isn’t often that Falcon is able to report on our team members’ many accomplishments but in recognition of all the effort that Ian has put into getting his degree, taking time out from both his working life and free-time with his family, we thought this was an achievement both the Falcon team and our customers should hear about.


Ian started studying for his degree five years ago. Having seen two daughters off to university and with his wife also working in further education, Ian felt he was really missing out on the whole university experience. After doing some initial research into the various options available, he discovered Birkbeck College, part of University College London (UCL).

Birkbeck specialises in offering high quality education, tailored to the individual needs of those who are already in work. The university has a strong ethos that education is a lifetime experience and that people should be able to come to higher education at a stage in their lives which suits their needs and gives them the best chance of reaping its possible benefits.

The Information Technology (IT) Foundation Degree course usually takes three years but studying just evenings and weekends and also changing jobs during the course of his studies, it ended up taking Ian slightly longer. At the start of the course, students were advised that for every hour spent at college, they should ideally study another three at home. Already at Birkbeck three evenings a week, this would have meant Ian finding a further 27 hours in his other two evenings and over the weekend, which just wasn’t possible. But with a lot of hard work and the unstinting support of his family, Ian has at last been able to complete his degree over a slightly extended time-frame and was elated to attend his graduation ceremony just over a week ago with his wife Janet.

Ian feels it’s definitely all been worthwhile. Not only has he realised his long-term ambition of a university education but he’s already found what he’s learned has made a real difference in the course of his work as a Falcon Service Engineer,

“I feel the degree has helped with my role as a service engineer as it’s given me a greater knowledge of computers and with certain aspects such as networking, I certainly feel more confident.”

In terms of the future, Ian is already considering building on his knowledge and potentially studying for a BSc in Computer Science.


Falcon - Document Management would like to commend Ian on his efforts and congratulate him on receiving his degree. On hearing the news, Rob Kedgley from Falcon - Document Management commented,

"We've all been very impressed with the time and effort Ian has put into getting his IT foundation degree at Birkbeck. I'd like to congratulate Ian on behalf of all the team at Falcon and really wish him all the best in any of his future studies"