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Some Important And Interesting Updates On Galaxy SIII

Press Release   •   Jul 27, 2012 11:08 BST

The Galaxy SIII is the top demanding smartphone to date which was released in the month of May but after this there are many updates are happen on it. After these updates this widget becomes more lovable and it’s offering more opportunity to access more and more smart features. After go through this whole article you easily familiar with all of these updates.

Too Soon Galaxy S3 Roll Out With Jelly Bean:

This is one of the amazing update which very soon happens on it, users get this lovable handset with up grading in the latest version Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system. With this you can run your handset very smoother and faster way. There is no final date is confirm for this up date but may be it will land in the market month of August and September. Now let’s take a look some of other important news about this luxurious smartphone.

Company confirm the 64GB version availability:

Too important news is here fort you guys that Samsung has confirmed the availability of Galaxy SIII 64GB version. After having so many issues about it finally the brand were taking the fabulous decision about it. Before they cancel the pre orders as seen the lack of interest of many peoples. But at last they say confirmed about this version of handset accessibility.

Samsung Restore Universal Search Function on S3:

One of the recent issue is here about this smartphone that before Universal Search Function was delete in it but now again company going to do work for restore this software in it. This popular brand renders you exact updates about it with in few days. This is not just the end here you found number of up gradation that are done with it also keep your eyes on it as passing with time you know more and more about the changes that are done with this widget.