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Sony Announced Android Open Source Project for Xperia Z Smartphone

Press release   •   Apr 24, 2013 12:56 BST

Sony’s new flagship smartphone of the recent time is Xperia Z, which is coined to have the best and alluring attributes to ensure unmatched presentation of operation. After Xperia S, it is the time of Xperia Z that has been coined to have the ultimate AOSP for the Android 4.2 version of operating system. The project has been decided to be contributing the same with the best commitment for the support of the Android enabled gadget. The tool is facilitated in order to grab the verification of AOSP for the said model.

The said Android Open Source Project has been maintained by two Senior Software Engineeers of Sony namely Johan Redestig and Björn Andersson. The concerned person has met the diligence and excellence in the part, which will ensure the count of unique set of features as well. The Project would be running on some of the binary experienced by Developer World. It speaks about the hardware drive that would also stand in the apex point in tending the daily use of application and services as well.

The project on GitHub would also bring up the result to boast the operation on SD Card, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for unmatched connectivity. Beside this GPS, LED light, and sensors are also counted to ensure the rule of best functionality in terms of smartness that works around the said gadget. It is the contribution that has maintained the run on with different update as well that will bestow the firmness with maximum position of work process. The camera would become more flawless in operation, which will assist the users to find out the best source to capturing still as well videos accordingly.

Moving towards other technical status in respect to the binary Developer world, it has been sourced that the project is counted to have released the binaries in the part of Near Field Communication as well. The AOSP will also build up the pure Android environment, which will calculate the different majority of features, to ensure unmatched working environment.