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Sort Your Life Out! Fearless finance firm takes on Death and Taxes

Press release   •   Apr 09, 2013 09:37 BST

The English countryside inspires a brand-new free financial advice page from York-based financial planner Pen-Life Associates, providing practical tips on pensions, life insurance and Tax Avoidance.

Coinciding with the new tax year, a rural landscape, complete with trees, butterflies, tractors and squirrels, represents life with its various financial pitfalls. It offers free money advice and tips, ranging from insurance to pensions planning. The Money Map answers the question, “Where Should I be at My Age?”

The Taxman and the Grim Reaper

Never one to shy away from those two certainties of life — Death and Taxes — Pen-Life instead chooses to place the sinister figures of the Taxman and the Grim Reaper in full view, adding a touch of the macabre to an otherwise idyllic scene.

While the site does not exactly offer advice on how to cheat death, there is plenty on how ordinary people can reduce their tax burden, including how to pay less Inheritance Tax, which is often criticised as ‘a tax on death’.

“£12.6 billion in unnecessary taxes could fund 1,260 Royal Weddings”

Perhaps controversially, given recent tax scandals involving large companies such as Starbucks and Amazon, Pen-Life sticks to its guns that while tax evasion is wrong, tax avoidance is legal, and even common sense.

Julie Wilson, who runs Pen-Life Associates in York, said: “Hopefully this new site will help people realise that there are smart ways to make their money go further. Last year UK tax payers paid £12.6 billion more than necessary, just because of bad financial planning. That’s enough to fund 1,260 Royal Weddings!”


On Twitter, Pen-Life will be gathering and sharing tips from its followers on ways to save money in these difficult times, while continuing to dish out its particular brand of ‘no-nonsense financial advice from Yorkshire’.

This includes such nuggets as “Cash ISAs are worth zilch”, and “Pensions - you’ve probably got a useless one.”

Visit the farm-inspired page for free advice on how to save more and pay less tax

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