Specialised Tools Range of Insulated Tools

Press Release   •   Jun 06, 2013 16:07 BST

Insulated tools encapsulate both of these aims, as they are a highly important safety precaution for any work involving penetrating solid ground. There is always a serious risk of injury when working within close range of electrics, particularly  when working with insulated tools as they may act as conductors.

When working in areas that risk electrical contact it is of the utmost importance that all tools used are properly insulated. Insulated tools deliver in both efficiency and safety, as each certified tool is tested individually, having received certification from the manufacturer stating that they are acceptable to use under certain working conditions.

The insulated tools offered at Specialised Tools And Equipment are certified to provide the user with insulation of up to 1000 volts, and are manufactured from a solid insulated fibreglass shaft to provide maximum durability and safety. We offer a wide range of insulated tools from shovels and chisel picks, to wheelbarrows and hammers, so you’re sure to find the right tools for the job. At Specialised Tools we have strong company roots based in Sheffield, grown on the strength of consistently high quality customer service. Our business has been built around the needs of customers, and ultimately our brand relies on customer satisfaction.

As suppliers of specialised insulated tools we also have a strong background and experience in application with these tools. In 2012 we succeeded with the approval of 3 types of rail lifting and asset transportation equipment for use on the London Underground infrastructure.

At Specialised Tools we take great care in providing our customers with the best quality tools available. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service so for any advice or help making a purchase please do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialised hand tools are designed to make your work efficient and rewarding, and we hope your experience at Specialised Tools And Equipment will do the same. 

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