Specialist insurer offers extra discounts for ‘vans stored at CaSSOA sites

Press Release   •   Dec 12, 2017 10:09 GMT - the caravan insurance specialist – is pleased to announce that additional caravan insurance discounts will be offered to applicable new and existing customers who store their ‘vans at an approved Caravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSOA) site from 1st February 2018.

Richard Burgess, Director at Cover4Caravans, says: “We have always rewarded our customers who store their ‘vans at CaSSOA approved sites with a 5-15% discount on their touring caravan insurance. This is because we know that these sites consistently deliver excellent security and protection for the ‘vans stored there.

“In fact, it has been statistically proven that a caravan stored at a CaSSOA approved site is less likely to be stolen or suffer damage by vandals or by any accidental means. And because of this, some of our panel members have agreed to reduce the cost of the caravan insurance cover even further in order to reflect this decreased risk from next season – no matter what the site rating is".

Becci Bailey from CaSSOA adds: “We are delighted Cover4Caravans are recognising that CaSSOA sites are consistently providing superior levels of protection and are keeping caravans safer from the threat of theft and damage. All CaSSOA caravan storage sites are independently surveyed every 5 years to ensure that they meet and continually maintain our rigorous security standards.

“It’s fantastic that caravan owners insuring their tourer through Cover4Caravans will now benefit from additional discounts when they store at our member sites”.


About Cover4Caravans 

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