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Spire Healthcare Launch Voluntary Programme With Personal Group

Press Release   •   Jul 03, 2012 13:15 BST

‘Your Benefits’ launched in May 2012 in response to feedback received from Spire’s latest employee engagement survey and employee focus groups.

Spire Healthcare - a leading provider of private healthcare with 37 private hospitals throughout the UK – has launched a new benefits programme branded ‘Your Benefits’ to their 7,600 employees.

Working in partnership with Personal Group, Spire Healthcare wanted to ensure a clear and concise communication of its current core benefits and new discounts offered to staff, after a recent employee survey revealed that employees weren’t aware of the benefits available to them.

In order to boost interest in the new programme, a free prize draw is taking place with one employee at each of Spire Healthcare’s 41 locations winning £50. To be entered employees must simply register on the ‘Your Benefits’ website, which offers over 6000 discounts, by 20th August 2012.

Spire Healthcare’s comprehensive voluntary benefits programme also includes Personal Group’s Voluntary Group Income Protection and Hospital Plan and a diverse range of retail discounts, cashback offers and holiday discounts.                                                                           

In addition to the voluntary benefits books and website, Personal Group is involved in ongoing face-to-face communications with Spire Healthcare employees to ensure that they have access to all the information they need to make the most of the benefits programme.

Jim Carson, Head of Reward at Spire Healthcare comments:

‘We are pleased to be partnering with the Personal Group team on our employee benefits programme. Annual engagement survey feedback and follow-up employee focus groups confirmed that whilst employees had a broad understanding of the core benefits we offer, they wanted the information communicated in a clear, concise and written (rather than intranet) manner. As well as communicating the core benefit offering we also took the opportunity to review and refresh the discount offering. With an annual benefit spend of around £11m the Spire Leadership team places great value on incentivising employees to drive higher levels of engagement.’

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