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Sports Idols success founded on basic principles

Press Release   •   Sep 09, 2010 08:30 BST

Whitstable, Kent (Mynewsdesk) 9 September - Source only genuine articles, backed up with proper proof; keep costs at an industry standard; deliver every item with a full guarantee both of authenticity and satisfaction. That’s pretty much it – and it’s seen the Kent based supplier of sports memorabilia grow way beyond its’ owners’ expectations. With contacts now providing film memorabilia, TV memorabilia and music memorabilia of a quality to rival anything else available in the UK, the team at Sports Idols have had to revise those expectations quickly – and, now they’re all used to the big league, their new-look intentions are all about world domination. And why not? With a business model based exclusively on honesty and quality product, they’re one of the few companies that actually deserve it.

Sports Idols the sports supremos have recently broadened their range to include a full (and very impressive) complement of TV memorabilia, film memorabilia and music memorabilia. Recognising that the market for autographed souvenirs extends well beyond the traditional stamping grounds of seasonal sports like cricket, football, golf, boxing and motorsports, Sports Idols have allowed a touch of prime time glitz into the warehouse: with, already, sensational results.

The entertainment memorabilia collection reads like a Who’s Who of current and past stars – legendary figures of stage and screen; stupendously famous musicians; and the biggest names from both British and American television shows. A quick blast through the TV memorabilia available on Sports Idols recently revamped site shows old favourites Star Trek and The Simpsons (that’s right – signed merchandise from the greatest cartoon ever to hit a TV screen) mixing it up with newer biggies, including Lost and Desperate Housewives. And that’s only the start. Checking out their film memorabilia is like walking down Hollywood Boulevard on premier night: Brad Pitt; Angeline Jolie; Sir Michael Caine; Christian “Batman” Bale; Zac Efron; Hugh Jackman; Al Pacino; Jack Nicholson; Emma Watson – you name it, the A listers, past and present, are all there. Music memorabilia highlights include Kylie Minogue, J-Lo, and Captain Weird himself, Mr David Bowie. With mega star bands represented in the form of Oasis and Queen (yes, Freddy Mercury himself, present and correct in signature form), Sports Idols has gone way beyond its original remit of supplying top quality provable sports memorabilia. It is now supplying top quality provable memorabilia for every area of interest – and, according to the owners, there’ll be more to come.

Sports Idols says its just the beginning, as now we have the ability to spread our wings a little, we’re certainly going to have a go at flying. If their first crack at providing sports memorabilia, TV memorabilia, film memorabilia and music memorabilia is anything to go by, they’ll be doing a lot more than just flying. Sports Idols, it seems, is set on stratospheric success.

Sports Idols is a Kent based site selling quality sports memorabilia – including England memorabilia, motorsports memorabilia and Football League memorabilia.

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