Department of Health

Statistical Press Notice: NHS Referral To Treatment (RTT) waiting times data, September 2011

Press Release   •   Nov 17, 2011 10:29 GMT

Main Points:

  • Data are published on consultant-led Referral to Treatment (RTT) waiting times for patients who were treated during September 2011. In total, 311,601 admitted patients and 909,580 non-admitted patients, for whom English commissioners are responsible, completed their RTT pathway during September 2011.
  • At national level, 90.7% of admitted patients (measured on an adjusted basis) and 97.2% of non-admitted patients completed their RTT pathway within a maximum of 18 weeks.
  • The 95th percentile time waited for patients completing an RTT pathway in September 2011 was 22.8 weeks for admitted patients and 16.0 weeks for non-admitted patients. (See Statistical Note number 6)
  • The average (median) time waited for patients completing an RTT pathway in September 2011 was 8.8 weeks for admitted patients and 4.5 weeks for non-admitted patients.
  • For patients still waiting for treatment (incomplete pathways) at the end of September 2011, the median waiting time was 6.0 weeks and the 95th percentile was 24.1 weeks.
  • Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust did not submit any incomplete RTT pathway data for September 2011.
  • Tables 1 and 2 show average (median) waiting times, 95th percentile waiting times and the percentage of patients whose RTT pathway was completed within 18 weeks by treatment function. Table 3 shows RTT waiting time trends from March 2007 to September 2011 for completed and incomplete pathways.