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Press Release   •   Nov 17, 2010 02:02 GMT

Devon, 11.16.10 - In our day to day life we do many things and we could all do with an extra boost to help our minds to perform better. Using Mind power techniques can help you to achieve more in your life and be successful at whatever you do. John P Meaden has focused these Mind power techniques by creating a system called Mind Compass. The Mind Compass System has been developed to enable you to deliver positive and empowering messages directly to your subconscious mind. With the Mind Compass system you will discover quick results easily and effortlessly.

By using positive affirmations, the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed which is vital in changing the negatives into positives. Brain entrainment also helps you to train your mind and gives a fresh approach.

Subliminal MP3’s are a modern and technical approach used in influencing the subconscious mind with positive statements like I love myself., I am so happy, I like smiling and I am a complete person.

Subliminal MP3’s can be used during our day today activities, reading, relaxing, watching TV and even while sleeping. The power of subconscious mind is infinite and no one really understands the exact power.

Most people are unaware how to use their subconscious mind power. John P Meaden’s Subconscious mind power training course and MP3’s teach you how to use your mind and how to create success and wealth in all areas. It helps to send the right message to your subconscious mind that can help you begin to develop the power to create the life you want.

John P Meaden’s subliminal audio’s have combined the most effective subliminal message delivery techniques with binaural beats to get the most the effective subliminal audio recording available. His professional team worked hard to create the best subliminal audio which has one of the highest success rates and also used by various mind experts around the world.

There is also the subliminal software which delivers empowering and positive subliminal messages directly onto your computer screen. The subliminal software runs in all windows operating system.

Subliminal video’s can also have a very high impact on delivering the correct messages to subconscious mind.

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Mind-compass.com provides information about the Mind Compass system offered by J P Meaden. It is one of the most visited websites online regarding subliminal messaging. Detailed information about the various Mind power techniques and its uses can be obtained from this website.

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