Successful Waste To Energy Projects By Cogen UK

Press release   •   Apr 12, 2016 19:34 BST

If you want to invest in a profitable business project that has long term gains then look no further than the opportunity of converting waste-to-energy. There is no dearth of discarded material as it is scattered all over and also it can used to make electricity and heat for residential as well as industrial growth.

If you’ve a plan or you’re working on a project that is in anyway related to field of energy development then you can take advantage our talent and investment. We at Cogen are working in the field of energy development from waste material since a long time and today we’ve a long list of energy from waste plants working successfully all over England.

“Our business process is simple that is to study projects and develop the projects that have merit step by step. We need waste material that we can bring from municipalities but there should be waste lines to bring the discarded material to the plant. Also we need supply lines to provide energy that is heat and electricity”, said a company representative.

We invest in startup projects, if we find merit in the business opportunity and also we take risk of reviving abandoned projects. We’ve the talent needed to identify merit in projects and taking the projects to their logical conclusion. We can set up plant and also make it functional. Our talented team can supervise the waste-to-energy process to make sure that process goes as planned.

Our objective is so use the waste material to the optimum level that is processing the ash derived by burning the discarded material and filtering the gases before they are emitted to the environment. It is clean energy that is good not only for mankind but the planet as well. There is nothing that we can’t recycle as we’ve the latest gasification technology.

“The process starts with transporting the waste material to the plant where it is filtered before being dumped in the combustion chamber where it is burnt at high heat. During burning, the material produces heat and ash. We call it residue but we don’t let it out without processing”, the representative of the company added.

Cogen stands for clean energy that it gets from waste material. Waste disposal is a big problem because a few landfill sites are left where waste can be dumped and soon these sites will be overfilled. Waste is degenerating in open and it isn’t good for health and our planet. But there is nothing to worry as the waste can be converted into energy by gasification process.

A question is often asked about the gasification process and that is the residue from the process. It is true that ash and gases are produced by burning waste material but the ash is processed to recover material and gases are cleaned before they are allowed to enter the environment.

“With us, you don’t have to worry about process or technology. Let’s see merit in your project and let our project management team prepare a detailed report on investment before we move ahead in exploring the opportunity”, Cogen representative maintained.

CoGen is at the forefront of the Advanced Gasification of Waste industry within the UK. We develop, construct, manage, own and execute Advanced Gasification plants throughout the UK, utilizing numerous different Advanced Gasification technologies.