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Superchrome’s Phototex Printing Services revolutionise UK interior design

Press Release   •   Sep 25, 2010 13:15 BST

Phototex printing services on a new substrate specially developed for printing custom designed wallpaper are now available in the UK through Superchrome.  Phototex is a revolutionary material that is set to take the interior design world by storm as it enables the production of custom wallpaper using digital printing technology from almost any image or photograph.

Phototex printing services offer a realistic alternative to the mass produced and often overpriced so-called designer wallpaper endorsed by celebrities. .Thanks to Phototex, it is now possible to create your own individual and unique designer wallpaper at affordable price, making it possible for anyone to produce their own unique designer wallpaper.

There are many reasons why Superchrome Phototex printing services are the perfect wall covering solution for domestic as well as commercial interiors. This self adhesive wallpaper needs no additional paste and can be applied to any non-porous flat surface including doors, panels, exhibition shell schemes, windows and glass partitions with minimum fuss.  Its low tack, repositionable adhesive backing makes it so easy to install that you won't need to pay for a professional decorator to do it for you, saving time and money.

Phototex is a truly revolutionary wall covering. It will not warp or stretch and can even be applied to curved surfaces. Moreover, Phototex does not harm the surface it is applied to and can be easily removed without leaving any marks. This makes Superchrome’s Phototex printing services ideally suited for the production of custom wallpaper meant for short term use, particularly in rented accommodation, retail outlets, exhibition stands and conference venues.

Phototex has an ultra smooth surface finish which allows Superchrome’s Phototex printing services to produce images with high-definition detail and vivid fade resistant colours. Phototex custom printed digital wallpaper can feature any image or pattern to suit individual taste and blend in with any décor scheme.  Superchrome’s custom made Phototex printing services can also be used to produce wall murals, turning your favourite image or photograph into a decorative wallpaper panel that will fit your wall perfectly.  If necessary we can crop images and modify the colour to produce a stunning piece of wall art that will complement any colour scheme.


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