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Support is the most significant asset in business states Boss Enterprise.

Press Release   •   Jan 15, 2018 17:11 GMT

With 2018 in full force, professionals across the country will be setting goals to further their skill sets. Sales and marketing firm Boss Enterprise released a statement this week outlining why when it comes to excelling in the business world, having a supportive network is crucial.

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New Year is for most, a time to reflect and set an action  plan for the future. Past achievements are a great way to identify strengths and boost confidence and align action plans for making the most of the upcoming period. For those whose previous goals haven’t gone their way, the New Year also offers the opportunity for a fresh start, a new outlook and a new plan of action. Boss Enterprise an up and coming marketing agency are keen to maximise their opportunities throughout the year and help develop their contractors to reach their goals.

This week in the office has seen a focus on addressing inner passions and future professional development goals.

By harnessing future goals, action plans can be completed, and daily habits can be implemented to ensure a steady momentum is achieved to assist long-lasting success.

Boss Enterprise has built their culture around a community of like-minded and ambitious professionals, and this supportive environment has afforded the firm their progress to date. For the sceptics out there Boss Enterprise ran a workshop highlighting the benefits of working toward goals in a supportive environment.

A recent study of 200 subjects by researchers at the University of Michigan who were looking into the influence of friends and family in success versus intrinsic motivators. The study separated the participants into three control groups;

  • participants in one group were asked to think about a person whom they trusted and with whom they felt comfortable
  • the second group were asked to think about someone who didn’t share those qualities
  • A third “neutral” group was asked to consider an acquaintance about whom they did not have strong feelings one way or another.
  • A follow-up experiment then tested the groups regarding the chosen career paths, their choices included;
  • a position that paid well with high familiarity
  • a lower-paying job that would require learning, although the training would lead to more significant long-term career development.
  • Findings of the study found that 65 percent of participants in group one was confident enough to take the lower paid, long-term progression option versus 40 percent of those in group two, and 50 percent in group three.

    Boss Enterprise will be committed to ensuring each person is surrounded by supportive personalities throughout the year to maximise success rates, and the firm is confident their hard working yet fun workplace offers the balance needed to support high potential workers throughout 2018.