Katie Woodland

Supporting Parents to Cope With Their Child

Press Release   •   Jan 12, 2017 12:03 GMT

More than ever before children are struggling to cope with the pressures of life. Huge numbers of young people across the western world, are being diagnosed with; severe mental health difficulties; self-harming; and committing suicide. So much so, in the UK, transforming young people’s mental health care has become a top priority for the Prime Minister, Theresa May.

No parent wants to feel as though they have failed, but often because most parents are currently facing huge pressures to raise their children, this is exactly how they do feel. Many mums and dads are struggling with working multiple jobs, because of the unstable financial climate, leaving little time to focus on supporting their children to succeed.

These pressures can lead to many parents becoming trapped in a constant, daily battle, with their child and left feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and without any idea on how to change the situation.

But, it’s important that we not lose sight of something pivotal – ‘The children of today, are the adults of tomorrow’.

Supporting, raising and guiding our children is vital to ensure the long lasting survival of not just the family name, but also our society. Parenting experts know that there are really simple things that mums and dads can do to help repair their broken relationship, drastically reduce the incidence of negative, and often violent behaviours, and get back to having a happy, loving family again.

Because of this Woodland Psychological Services Ltd, a Telford based Mental Health Service, is launching the world’s first ‘Great Big Parenting Giveaway’ event. This event will run for just one week, from the 16th January, and will enable parents to access help and support from many of the leading parenting experts from the UK and USA.

Katie Woodland; Managing Director of Woodland Psychological Services Ltd said “I was reading so much in the press about how difficult families are finding it at the moment and I spent weeks trying to work out how to help. Then one afternoon I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and noticed these ‘giveaway’ events for sales, coaches, speakers and a whole host of other business related people. Then it hit met – that’s exactly what I can do! So I decided to create an event for parents, focusing on drawing together leading parenting experts and offering this free to parents. After spending a few weeks hunting and then begging these experts we were finally in a position to get started. So, the very first Great Big Parenting Giveaway (#GBPG2017), will be running next week.”

Anyone who is a parent can register for the event, for free, and take advantage of all the items on offer simply by visiting our website.

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