Henry Baker

Susan Boyle Accused of Throwing Money Out of the Window and Cheats Fans

Press Release   •   Sep 22, 2010 23:29 BST

Susan Boyle is one of the best known female singers on the planet. Yet Hampshire author Henry Baker says “Susan Boyle is literally throwing money out of the window and cheating her fans”. “We live in a celebrity society and people the world over are desperate to get as close as they can to Susan” he continues. “Thousands and thousands of her fans would welcome regular email communication from her. Not giving that is ‘cheating’ them out of contact with their idle”. 

But that’s only half of Mr.Baker’s assertion. He also says “By Susan not deliberately offering a gift in return for visitors contact details on her website home page she is literally throwing money out of the window. She may not need it right now but in 10 years’ time if she’s kept in regular email contact with her fans then selling records when she’s no longer in the ‘limelight’ will be infinitely easier.” 

Mr.Baker suggest a 10 minute fix which could make Susan money for years and make her fans more loyal than ever. “Just put your email capture form on every page of your website Susan” says Henry. “Your fans will be happy to give your their contact details and permission to contact them in return for a free album track or other simple gift” he continues. “Launching a new album, selling merchandise or concert tickets is then made cheaper and easier by simply emailing your fans. And they’ll happily spread the word on social media too". He concludes that any music artist should do exactly this. Not doing so is cheating themselves and fans.

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