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Swedish snus and the EU ban!

Press Release   •   Feb 15, 2010 14:23 GMT

Bo Norberg, editor

Rondellen/The Rondel



Swedish snus, a domestic form of moist snuff, is banned in the rest of the European Union. However, it carries about half the risks of cigarette smoking to public health. Thus, it is suggested that the snus ban of EU should be abolished.

In Swedish health care, there is a doxy struggle between tobacco harm reducers and tobacco quitters (Health, vol 29, Culture, vol 27).

The quitters argue that nicotine addiction is a severe health risk, especially cigarette smoking, but also other forms of nicotine addiction. Thus, tthe EU ban on Swedish snus (a kind of moist snuff) should be retained and the ban exception of Sweden abolished.

The harm reducers in Sweden argue that Swedish snus carries half the risks of cigarette smoking to public health. Furthermore, snusers tend to leave snusing one by one without troubling – or feeding – tobacco control programs or producers of cigarettes or pharmaceutical remedies for smoking.

I am inclined to believe the harm reducers. Some years ago, I performed a strictly non-scientific study of my social network. In a few months, I found 60-70 ex-snusers. Most of them had switched from cigarettes to snus. They had left snus in order to please the wife (husbond), or alternatively in wrath, when the snus had landed them in humiliation.

Swedish snus and the EU ban!