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Swimming for Health & Fitness is increasing in Popularity

Press Release   •   Feb 19, 2011 16:52 GMT

More and more people are turning to swimming to improve their health and fitness that ever before. The popularity of swimming is on the increase, the main reasons are thought to be improved leisure facilities throughout the UK coupled with the poor recent weather putting off folk taking to the streets cycling or jogging.

Swimming for exercise can be one of the most rewarding ways of keeping fit, not only does it help your cardiovascular system keep in tip top shape it can also tone up your body. This type of exercise s know to be the best for exercising nearly every part of your body with so many different muscles brought into action whilst propelling yourself through the water or even just treading water and keeping afloat.

Swimming can also be a sociably pastime with many local leisure centres holding special sessions for different age groups and gender. After the swim you can socialise in a warm and comfortable environment and mix with people who share your interests and pastimes. Some centres will provide a swimming workout plan to help you get fitter through a progressive swimming training plan with expert help from professional swimming instructors.

Swimming can be great for slimming and weight loss, a couple of sessions a week s enough to shed off the pounds coupled with a sensible diet. ProSwimwear.co.uk has some great swimwear offers at the moment which can reduce the cost, whether you’re a beginner swimmer or a novice swimmer just looking for some healthy exercise or a more serious competitor you will find all that you need with their extensive stock of all types of swimwear and accessories.

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