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Symbio Global Celebrates Diversity and Talent in Business

Press release   •   Mar 30, 2018 12:49 BST

Symbio Global has seen immense success since its launch back in January 2018, and is adamant that this has been greatly influenced by it’s focus on embracing diversity. The firm has spoken out on how proud it is to have a workforce boasting a wide range of talents.

Symbio Global: About the firm.

The Miami marketing agency Symbio Global is proud to boast a diverse workforce from a wide range of different backgrounds. CEO Rania Baker is a prime example of why diversity and talent matter in business, having herself joined the sales and marketing industry from a medical background. The CEO’s dream is to establish a pro bono teaching hospital after completing her MD/ PhD., and right now is enjoying her more creative side, at the same time developing people to the maximum of their abilities and potentials so they can achieve their dreams too.

And it’s not only Symbio Global’s CEO who is giving the firm a plethora of unique talents. Earlier this year, one of their contractors was involved in a burlesque fashion show at Miami’s BBC Wolfe Theatre, and another, Emmanuel Zidor was a top 20 American Idol finalist and recently performed at Miami Live. Rania Baker is confident the diversity of these talents has helped them build a more creative, open and unified team.

In business, diversity, and inclusion lead to more innovation, increased opportunity, better access to talent and overall better business performance. Symbio Global is celebrating the diversity of their workforce because firstly, inclusion and diversity make the firm’s culture one that they can be proud of; it’s the right thing to do in a diverse world of different cultures and ethnicities. Diversity also makes good business sense with 85% of CEOs believing that having a formal diversity and inclusiveness strategy will improve business success.

Diversity also fills in any gaps in talent, because there is a larger pool of individuals to choose from and it means that individuals can learn from different people, resulting in everyone having the opportunity to learn, develop and grow.




CEO – Rania Baker

Symbio Global, Inc., is a young, vivacious, independently owned and operated outsource direct marketing firm. We have recently launched our first office in the heart of downtown Miami. Our goal is to expand to an additional six new markets by the end of 2018, and long term, to bring our brand and dedication to excellence to ever single time zone across the planet.