Tai Computers


Press Release   •   Feb 16, 2011 11:19 GMT

The Leeds based computer software company, Tai Computers, has just taken over the lease of a huge office space in a technology site just north of Leeds. The company started off with just two people and has grown to employ sixty full-time staff over the last ten years.

Tai Computers produce high-end software packages that are specifically designed to help small businesses. They include accounting packages, IT support packages and a whole range of add-ons that can help get a small business off the ground. CEO, Jack Bentley saw a gap in the market when he was working on a project for his degree course at Leeds University and wasted no time in setting up the company.

“When I first realised that there was no comprehensive software on the market for all aspects of a new business, I thought I must have missed something obvious. But, after doing a lot of research I realised that there really was a whole area of PC development missing. I put together a business plan during my final year at uni and then I registered the company.” The name Tai Computers comes from Thailand, where Jack spent his gap year. “I loved the country and had an amazing time there, so when it came to choosing the name for the company, I came up with Tai.”

The new premises will enable Tai Computers to undertake more research and technical work on site and should see the workforce expand even more. They are hoping to move into their new premises in August, following a few months’ of upgrade work on the building.

Tai Computers