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"Taking an Entry Level Role Allowed me to Reach my Goals" Reveals Inspire 212, CEO Jenna Hadden.

Press release   •   Mar 13, 2018 14:08 GMT

With many turning their noses up at Entry-Level opportunities, Successful young entrepreneur, and Inspire 212 CEO Jenna Hadden reveals why she advises embracing entry-level roles.

Inspire 212: About the firm

Success is a journey, one which those who have experienced it know there is no final destination. The hunger for more, and drive to improve will always push boundaries along the way. Posing the question of where to start, Inspire 212 CEO Jenna Hadden recalls seizing an entry-level opportunity which took her back to basics and opened multiple possibilities in which she has embraced and used as a platform for her continued success.

Inspire 212 has collaborated with some of the most influential brands and non-profit organisations in the UK and promises concrete results from their drives. Based in North London, Inspire 212specialises in event based marketing and makes shopper satisfaction their highest priority. The firm prides themselves on their ability to consistently provide outstanding customer service and believe business to consumer marketing is the most effective way to boost brand awareness. The firm is confident their success in developing top salespeople can be attributed to their culture of in-house support and progression.For those looking to carve a sustainable future, there is a precise route, mapping what steps need to take place to reach their goal.

Miss Hadden recalls working within an entry-level profession, primarily a consumer-facing role; it is imperative to welcome all the learning chances that crop up along the way.Looking retrospectively a critical skill which has allowed her to fast track her career was developing a deeper understanding of consumer responses, purchasing signs and gathering feedback regarding customer experience. Being able to call on specific personal experiences has afforded the top performing manager to work empathetically yet realistically towards targets by upskilling to enable scenario analysis and objectively to manage multiple customers or clients.

Inspire 212 offer opportunities for developing entrepreneurs to carve out long-lasting futures in marketing and sales. They are confident those who make sacrifices and work hard to achieve a desirable lifestyle will not regret boosting their development by embracing an entry-level role.The ability to look at a scenario objectively will offer a broader skillset when managing multiple customers or clients.

Inspire 212 are proud of their no seniority business model, as they are confident it has allowed them to mentor and develop fundamental skills within their contractors that would have otherwise been challenging to influence.Their dedication to their clients requires them to deliver consistent service, and by ensuring product training and development follow a set, the system allows the firm to quality control campaigns.


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Inspire 212 is an outsourced sales and event marketing firm providing clients with a first class service for increasing their client's customer base. Inspire 212 has a team of highly professional sales and marketing representatives that bring the human interaction back into the marketing strategy.