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Press Release   •   Nov 03, 2011 10:02 GMT

I apologise if I have been somewhat cryptic in my first 2 blog posts. 

As a digital marketer I feel it's important to establish relationships with lots of different people.

My iPhone app Problem Halved was the catalyst in getting me into the app and marketing industry and I’ve been thinking for some time how I can create a blog about helping people to do good but also make more connections along the way that will develop me professionally? 

Through this blog I'd like to share with you some of the people that I come I in contact with on my journey to becoming a marketing and PR guru. It will have a bias towards tech marketing but helping a whole host of people along the way. Can I make the world a better place?

On Monday night I got talking to a reporter called Sonya ( @sonyanews ) from the OC register in Orange County California. Now the aim of this blog is to try and help solve people’s problems. I’d noticed that she had been following the experiment, but with my now changed attitude I decided to do something different and listen to what she had to say and tried to find our more about her. It turns out she has a great fondness for England and Europe and would love to visit again. She is very keen on the power of social media and I learnt a fair bit from her. Maybe in return, if the blog draws in millions of visitors and I have the the influence for brands to want to interact with my readers and throw free products and services my way, I could then give Sonya a free holiday to Europe.

During my camp out outside the Apple Store I got chatting to an Italian chap called Jacopo Famularo who reports for one of the biggest iPhone news sites in Italy called Ispazio.

I had a Skype text conversation with him last night and normally I would go straight in for the kill and pitch the blogger or journalist MEDL Mobile apps. This time I used my new way of approaching things with trying to solve a problem in mind and didn’t rush the conversation.

I asked the Jacobo the question 'Do you have any problems that need solving?'

He replied by saying that he struck up a conversation with Steve Wozniak at Apple and he told him if he was ever visited California come by and I will sign an autograph for you. Now if I had simply gone in for the kill and had not used this new approach I would have been none the wiser. 

My company MEDL Mobile just happen to be located in California and I travel there a fair bit so if possible I could go and pick it up for him. To anyone involved in the apps business having a conversation with someone like Steve Wozniak would be incredible.

From a professional point of view Jacobo said they would like to grow the site abroad and create an interactive experience for their users and do more app giveaways. Now normally I would just pitch an app that I thought would be suitable for review and would be left scratching my head as to why they were not interested in running the story. He then went onto to say that he loves England but his conversational English is not that great!

What would happen if this blog grew large enough for a language software company to want to give him some tuition? 

My long term vision is to have a strong online influence where I can really make things happen and If I’m well known over a number of different industries the likelihood of some of these companies wanting mobile solutions and marketing services significantly increase.

So in essence this experiment isn't about crazy arsed ideas like camping days on end for new products but the following:

- Connecting brands and people together 
- Having a huge online influence 
- Connecting with new media interested in this problem solving idea with the view to generate interest in the iPhone apps I'm involved in promoting. 

I'm trying to move away from in your face marketing which some people would consider spam but provide promotion of products and people where it is relevant to the story!

Being transparent is really important as well. I'm being up front and am saying this could benefit me you would not believe but at the same time from the bottom of my heart I want to help people as well!

In regards to the website and domain name I have been flooded with offers of help and will try and mention everyone who has offered to help and include them in what I'm attempting so it will benefit them.

I've had a couple of interesting emails from my iPhone related blogs off the back of creating this new blog so I believe its starting to work!

Some people may not get why I'm doing this,but think of it as a jigsaw puzzle.

Stay tuned!


Rob Shoesmith

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