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Tangtracker...tracking your loved ones...

Press Release   •   Dec 05, 2013 13:58 GMT


Company Contact:

Name: Babajide Bayo-Yusuf (CEO & Founder)

Organisation: Tangtracker

E-Mail: bb@tangtracker.com or info@tangtracker.com

Website: www.tangtracker.com 

Media Contact:

Name: Rose SguegliaOrganisation: Miss Squiggles Communications

E-Mail: rose@misssquigglescommunications.com 

...tracking your loved ones...

New Internet monitoring App to track children’s activities on smartphones

Children’s activity monitoring Tangtracker to launch in the UK

Created to protect young children when using the Internet on smartphones, Tangtracker helps parents track and monitor children’s online activity.
Tangtracker is the first UK App enabling parents to monitor and track their children’s mobile phone activity protecting them from the dangers of online communications.

Named after ‘Tang’, a dog popular for saving 92 sailors in 1919, Tangtracker develops around three strong principles -trust, honesty and transparency- as it tries to build a better relationship between parents and children.
Tangtracker allows a parent-user (parent or carer) to track and monitor activities on a linked-user (children or vulnerable people) smartphone. The linked-user will have to provide consent by approving the request from the parent-user.

The Tangtracker App allows parents to track and monitor their children’s text messages, calls received and made and the phone’s browser history. Tangtracker also helps parents track their children’s location wherever they are, provided they have global mobile data coverage.
Speaking about Tangtracker, founder Babajide Bayo-Yusuf says:

“Tangtracker is unique & different from the other monitoring Apps around. It is different because it is the only App that helps protect and safeguard children while also fostering a lasting relationship between parents and children. That is why we are built on 3 key principles – Trust, Honesty & Transparency.”

Children, with smartphones linked to the App, will also be able to alert their parents about any dangerous situation by sending Tangtracker distress signals.
Tangtracker is the most innovative solution to protect children when using the Internet on their smartphones. By signing up for Tangtracker, parents will be able to track and monitor their children’s online activity creating a safe environment and trustworthy relationships with their loved ones.

For more information please send an email to our PR, Rose Sgueglia, rose@misssquigglescommunications.com 

Notes to the editor

About the App

Tangtracker is currently only available on Android phones but it will soon expand to other platforms as well. Please get in touch for more information.
Tangtracker aims to tackle the dangers of the Internet and smartphone usage; especially when it involves young & vulnerable people. Tangtracker has been specifically developed with children’s protection in mind but it can be used and applied to different contexts provided it complies with the company’s principles of trust, honesty and transparency. 

Global Reach

Tangtracker boasts a global reach working across different countries and continents; for example, parent-users in the UK can link with linked-users in India. There are no location limits but if you have any questions please feel free to send us an email.

Tangtracker is not available to the UK market yet but free trials are currently being offered to the members of the media and the online community. We are also currently available for interviews. For more information please drop an email to our PR, Rose Sgueglia, rose@misssquigglescommunications.com
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