TDC Group

TDC customers welcome seamlessly integrated solutions

Press release   •   Feb 04, 2014 07:06 GMT

TDC’s Financial Statements, published today, prove that the Group's Strategy 2013-2015 is already generating solid results as the Group's seamlessly integrated new solutions targeting families and couples have proved a success. The share of high-spending households grew by 46% in 2013 due mainly to the sale of products combining TV, broadband and mobile services, as described in the Financial Statements for 2013 where high-spending customers are defined as those spending more than DKK 600 a month excl. VAT.

"Our strategy is to offer solutions covering the needs of entire households, and we are pleased to see this is paying off. We are also aiming to further increase customer satisfaction while compensating for the restricted pricing evident in this highly competitive market where attractive new services are constantly in demand," says Carsten Dilling, CEO of the TDC Group.

The TDC Group met its expected EBITDA of DKK 10.1bn and the Group's profit margin was 41.2% compared with 39.5% in 2012. With these satisfactory results, the TDC Group will pay the target dividend of DKK 3.70 per share.

"Our employees have performed outstandingly well in a very difficult and competitive market. We managed to improve customer satisfaction, and more customers are now recommending our solutions to friends and acquaintances. We also succeeded in raising our earnings capacity and launching a full range of popular new products," says Carsten Dilling.

The declining revenue experienced in recent years continued in 2013. The TDC Group achieved revenue of DKK 24.6bn against DKK 26.2bn in 2012. EU price regulations single-handedly reduced the revenue by DKK 656m. Sales of mobile phones and sales in the Nordic business market were disappointing for the TDC Group.

In 2013, the TDC Group’s investments in infrastructure expansion totalled DKK 3.7bn, up by DKK 250m, and related mainly to increased investments in the roll-out of superfast broadband and the 4G mobile network.

In 2014, the TDC Group is expecting organic revenue to decline less than in 2013, and predicts EBITDA of at least DKK 9.8bn. A dividend of DKK 3.70 per share is maintained. The investment level is also expected to remain level at approximately DKK 3.7bn.