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​Tech platform helps educators provide equal opportunities for all students

Press release   •   Feb 08, 2017 16:59 GMT

LONDON, 09/02/2017 —Trint, the disruptive transcription platform offers an easy way for professionals in higher education to ensure their materials are accessible to each and every student.

According to the most recent report by Action on Hearing Loss, one in six people in the UK suffers from hearing loss or impairment. That means every sixth student can’t fully access and profit from educational materials, such as lecture recordings, provided by educators.

Enter Trint, the fast, accurate and affordable way to ensure the accessibility of educational material to the hearing impaired.

Trint is a first-in-kind solution that marries a text editor to an audio/video player. Using A.I. for transcription, users get their transcripts back in minutes on Trint’s cloud based editor. While the A.I takes on the heavy lifting of transcription, the pairing of text to audio enables fast and effective content verification and editing. Thus educators can search, verify and (if necessary) correct the machine-generated transcripts and effortlessly export and share the content with their students on internal networks.

Key Features Include:

  • Multiple audio video format upload
  • Keyword search
  • Text to audio word alignment
  • Instant timing of selected quotes

According to the Equality Act, educational institutions are obligated to provide students with disabilities equal and integrated access to higher education. As such, institutions have to create equally effective opportunities for students suffering from any degree of hearing loss. Trint is happy to provide a simple and affordable way to do this.

Here is what some of the early adopters within education are saying about Trint:

“Trint is saving my #phdlife right now! Perfect blend between full transcription and getting deeply into your #qualitative data. Love it!” Nate Cradit, Michigan State University (@natecradit)

“Just came across @TrintHQ. Probably a game changer for all my academic/journalist friends. Pretty brilliant.” Jonathan Fitzgerald, Northeastern University (@jon_fitzgerald)

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Trint is revolutionary technology that makes it easy to adhere to accessibility laws for higher education. Its editor glues text seamlessly to audio or video so anyone can search and share content that matters. Founded in 2014 by Jeff Kofman and Mark Boas, Trint launched in September 2016. Trint is supported by the Knight Foundation and the Google Digital News Initiative. In its first months Trint’s clients include educators from University College London, LSE and numerous other universities nationwide.

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