Vertifi Limited

Technology start-up set to save UK employers millions in CV fraud costs with a new CV verification platform powered by Experian.

Press release   •   Mar 03, 2015 10:30 GMT

Following a startling 58% increase in Employment Application Fraud reported in 2014 by CIFAS, the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, business leaders are clearly beginning to realise the true impact that CV fraud has on their bottom line and are looking for measures to help combat it.; the newly launched self-regulating CV verification platform looks to be the ideal solution as it raises on-line CV transparency to a whole new level by allowing honest candidates to provide employers with reassurance about the content of their CV, helping get themselves to the top of the applicant shortlist.

The concept works on the basis that anyone can verify anyone, providing they have the knowledge, the experience or the authorisation to do so. allows job applicants to get third party endorsements for the information contained in their CV in order to prove their integrity and provide potential employers with proof about who they really are and what they have actually achieved.

Behind the easy to use interface, the concept is cleverly self-regulating and uses complex algorithms to recalculate a user’s score each time they get a new endorsement. Their score, or ‘trust level’, reflects the overall validity of the content of their CV to provide employers with an accurate indication of the trustworthiness of a candidates application. MD, Thomas Clegg, stated; “We’re confident that will get traction in the recruitment industry, but we believe there are multiple uses for this technology across all business sectors and social platforms. We’re very pleased to have been able to work with Experian on this project and feel that their ID checking software further assures the validity of our central scoring algorithm. It’s very exciting.”