Press release   •   Jun 21, 2011 14:01 BST

This international body has voted to allow the creation of new website suffix labels, the biggest shake up in the online world in decades. Website and email address names will be in any language and end with almost any word. (Could we be seeing rorymcilroy@us.golfchampion ?)

The vote concludes a six-year negotiation process and is the most noticeable change to the WorldWideWeb.system since .com was first introduced 26 years ago in 1985, other than the introduction of IP6 in 2010. I-CANN said it was starting a world-wide communications programme to raise awareness of the novel designations.

Rod Beckstrom, president and chief executive officer of ICANN
We have opened the internet's addressing system to the limitless possibilities of the human imagination; No one can predict where this historic decision will take us."

There are to be several hundred newly created generic top-level domain-names (g-TLDs), which might include such addresses as .google, .coke, or even .BBC. Currently there are 22 gTLDs, about 250 country-levels such as .uk or .de. There is a prediction in the telephone systems industry that the earliest into the arena will be British Telecommunication who will then offer all their customers a much shorter hyperlink than before (BTInternet.com will disappear to become .BT)

2012 will see I.C.A.N.N. beginning to receive applications. It is expected that corporations and cities will be among the early applicants across the World. It is to be hoped that they have enough administrators to handle the torrent of requests as businesses will expect promptness when spending in the thousands. Their IP telephone systems will be handling high volumes of calls so let's hope the bandwidth doesn't let them down!

In the UK it will cost £114,000 ($185,000) to apply for the "brand-names". Any company will be asked to provide evidence to lodge a legitimate claim to the label they are buying.

Analysts say it is a price that global giants will be willing to pay - in order to maximise their market presence. Tony Raynor of telephone systems supplier Abbey Telecom commented that this amount is "pocket money" to these types of organisations. Really there should be a graded scheme where the fee is based on the quantity of potential users. "I'd certainly be interested in investing in a significant sobriquet then".

Applications will start in earnest on 12 January 2012.

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There are currently twenty-two domain suffixes such as .co, .co.uk and the ubiquitous .COM..Addresses are governed by ASO “The Address Supporting Organisation” who support the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. There are plans afoot to dramatically increase the number of domains endings to cater for the worldwide demand