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Tell Me First A Technology Company Asks : Are Mobile Apps the Future for all Businesses?

Press Release   •   Oct 15, 2012 09:36 BST

Tell Me First, a technology company based in the UK, and innovators of new technology products and gadgets, recommend using mobile apps for your business.

Mobile apps tap into a new digital marketing channel that is growing at a faster rate than traditional browser based websites. Once your app is in the marketplace (App store and Google market place) you have access to a larger pool of customers 24/7 in locations previously not available.

Apps have two great features.  The first is the ability to let your customers book seats, order take way food, book appointments and many more. The second feature is getting messages directly to your client’s phone.  This feature is generally overlooked, but can be a major part of your companies marketing campaign.  Imagine being able to send a message and 97% of your clients read that message; imagine that message going directly to your client’s phone via a non- intrusive way that they are happy to read.  This is what a mobile app can do for your business.

Mobile Apps offer significant branding advantages. Once a user has your app on their device they are exposed to your logo almost every time they go looking for something on their device.  A major factor why your company should have a mobile app is that every message you send to your clients is totally free.

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