Tesco uses planes and trains to help thousands of Thais affected by floods

Press Release   •   Nov 03, 2011 09:15 GMT

BANGKOK, Thailand – Tesco Lotus today announced it is now using trains and planes to transport essential goods from temporary distribution hubs in Bangkok to areas throughout Thailand impacted by the severe floods.

Tesco Lotus has established temporary distribution hubs throughout the country. Most notably in Bangkok, Tesco Lotus has turned the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), a 54,000 square meter convention and exhibition hall in the Bang Na district, into a temporary storage facility for goods to transport to different regions.

Essential items like water, rice, noodles, nappies and toilet tissue are being delivered by alternative distribution methods like trains and planes from Bangkok. Trains are undertaking daily trips from the capital and Tesco Lotus is partnering with Thai Airlines to move products from the country’s capital with up to 10 flights per day.

Tesco Malaysia has also been supporting the effort and has already sent 3 million litres of water and 8 million packets of noodles to Thailand. Additionally, Tesco suppliers in Malaysia, China and Vietnam have delivered essentials like water, noodles, canned fish, eggs and UHT milk to help with daily demand.

Tesco Lotus CEO, Chris Bush said: “We are pulling out all of the stops and using every available resource to get essential products to as many people as possible. We have been able to use the scale and skill of Tesco to help the people of Thailand during this difficult time.”

Tesco Lotus has contributed over 23 million baht (nearly £500,000) of essential products to the flood relief effort and help communities in 40 provinces nationwide.

For staff, the company has also provided nearly 25 million baht (more than £500,000) of financial support for staff affected by the floods as well as over 5,500 relief bags of food and temporary accommodation and transportation.