​thank you for remaining a loyal RS member

Press Release   •   Nov 12, 2016 13:13 GMT

Good isn't very subjective in this sense. A partyhat. It's not good. It offers no stats. People like it because insert their cosmetical reasons here and it may be NICE but it's not good.

You could have a nice looking car, with absolute shit under the hood. It's not a good car. It's a nice looking car, it's not good.

There's a difference, and it's not subjective in this case.

Interesting you should mention this. I contacted a Jmod through reddit recently regarding an issue with losing my 8 year loyalty because of an expired credit card. I was basically told there's nothing that can be done....

I send a message to the support "contact us" link. Hope your team can help me out. Cheers.

That's absolutely fair. I can appreciate it's difficult to justify the extra expenditure.

Something I thought I should mention that hasn't been mentioned yet is that we'll be doing a monthly draw from every Premier Club member who enters on the forums to win a unique IRL prize that reflects 15 years of RS history.

That may or may not affect your decision, but thank you for remaining a loyal RS member.

I do definitely plan to remain a paying member, I love you guys and your game of course. I just definitely think come next year at least, RS Gold Membs might need to be rethought a bit in the way it's priced, and I do really hope that's something that goes into consideration. Throwing down over 100 dollars right around Christmas really hurts, especially when it's 40 dollars higher than what I can pay for 12 months individually. It sucks too as I love the Runescape Gold Membership benefits in the end, and I trust you guys to deliver a years worth of content I'll enjoy.