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The Age of the Smartphone

Press Release   •   Apr 30, 2012 13:05 BST

With technology becoming more advanced and gadgets offering even more than ever before, the Mobile Phones can be named one of the main culprits. 

The Mobile phone used to be the gadget that people had to add ease to their life and make communicating when on the move even more simple. The first Mobile phone was an astonishment to the world as it was the first of its kind and soon took over the gadget industry by storm. 

The first mobile phone was basic and simple, but it did the job. Allowing you to make and take calls when out and about or while someone was using the landline phone, it let you send and receive messages if you were unable to call at one time and with features like an alarm, a calendar and contacts you could save everything you needed on the go on the mobile and you would never forget the most important of dates, times and notes. 

Now with technology at its most advanced ever, the mobile has slowly been replaced, by the Smartphones. The mobile with an operating system and the ability to let you do everything, while out and about. Browse the internet, take photos, create documents, send emails, you name it and it can be done on the Smartphone. 

Now with touch screens instead of keypads, cameras that most professionals would envy, entertainment that an arcade, cinema and library could only dream of and the very best in quality and standard you can do as you please on your mobile and get things done when you need them doing, not when you get back home to your computer. 

The most popular phones are Smartphones and offer the very best in mobile specs. The Samsung Galaxy Note, the Samsung Galaxy S2, and although nothing has yet to be confirmed the Samsung Galaxy S3 will no doubt follow in the Smartphone trend and offer even more. 

Slowly eliminating the best of the gadgets, with the Smartphone you have a camera, video recorder, movie store, library, TV, games station, radio, jukebox and computer all in one. In a compact design you no longer need to carry bulk gadgets around with you. 

With technology growing like it is, no doubt the Smartphone will soon be taken over by something else, but until then the Smartphone will continue to rule the mobile industry. 

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