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The better the quality the more letters and numbers an item has

Press Release   •   Sep 05, 2010 08:30 BST

Purfleet, Essex (Mynewsdesk) 5 September - Big Appliances has a new range of Falcon cookers like the F1092 DeLuxe Induction, for example (it’s a fact, apparently, that the better quality something is, the more letters and numbers it’ll have in its name), offers five hobs, two ovens and a grill, all built to the highest quality specifications and guaranteed for three years – and all for the satisfyingly huge (discounted) price of £3,999. The recommended retail price for this Falcon range cooker comes in at one pound under four and a half grand, which means the good people at Big Appliances are offering it at a discount price. Every Falcon range cooker is packed with extremely well thought out features, from the single touch flame lighting feature fond as standard throughout the range, to model specific user friendly items like the wok burner and fish griddle found on top end Falcon cookers.

The cheapest Falcon range cooker coming in at a modest £2,429, there’s a definite market in mind here: even so, Big Appliances has chosen to offer some pretty huge reductions. Its philosophy appears to be that premium quality goods shouldn’t escape the axe of good discounting – and it has to be said that initial interest in the newest additions to the Falcon range cookers range bears that thought out quite nicely. Sales have been brisk, and show no signs of slowing down.

Big Appliances are able to offer these huge discounts at a time when everyone else is just trying not to go out of because they have never tried to be a big multinational importer of white goods: it just went along doing its job as a tried and trusted family supplier of oversize kitchen appliances. It’s been doing that for 46 years – in which time, naturally, it’s learned a thing or two about business. The excellent prices Big Appliances are now offering on their Falcon range cookers are the result of nearly half a century’s worth of hard work, building contacts, maintaining good relationships with the wholesalers and manufacturers willing to give the best deals, and so on. The UK customer looking for top end Falcon cookers is reaping the benefits.

A person willing to spend (and capable of spending) nearly four thousand pounds on a Falcon range cooker probably isn’t worried about the recession – but that doesn’t mean to say that he or she won’t look around for the best price they can find. Big Appliances knows that offering discounts across the board, if discounts are being offered to oneself, is the best way to attract and keep customers – and so their selection of Falcon cookers is flying out of their virtual “doors” in all its range of smart-coloured glory.

Big Appliances has had some outstanding cookers in its time – but none so fine as the gloriously colourful range of Falcon range cookers it’s currently stocking. For top of the range quality and sheer design pleasure, Falcon cookers have always been a bit special – but this lot really surpass even the good Falcon name.


Big Appliances is an Essex based purveyor of white goods to the UK.

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Big Appliances is an Essex based domestic appliances retailer specializing in Range cookers and American fridge freezers, provide competitive prices through its online platform and its Hornchurch shop. It also provides a wholesale arm of its brand supplying over 100 independent retailers.

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