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The Biggest Zero Budget Movie Ever?

Press Release   •   Jul 06, 2013 12:18 BST

Death Walks is the talk of Essex, it's a brand new horror movie being shot in Romford's Mercury Mall. It has a cast and crew of hundreds, and is being shot over the course of just one night. But that's not all that is unique, Death Walks has a production price tag of zero, because everyone has given their time for free. 

Since director Spencer Hawken started talking about Death Walks publicly just three weeks ago he has been inundated by thousands of Essex hopefuls all wanting to be part of the project. Some of those he selected to come aboard included a ninety-three year old man, a five and a half month pregnant woman, as well as a man paralysed from the neck down; along with a whole catalogue of local stars. 

Spencer states the project is all about harnessing local talent, breaking the glass ceiling that many talented individuals face. From performers, camera crew, and special effects artists, people are rising up to support the project. 

Actress Lucinda Rhodes who has spent 17 years in the media spotlight was one of the first to jump aboard the project, taking on the role of a complex man-eater. Making room between her busy schedule (she has almost a dozen projects in various stages of development), Lucinda feels it's important to prove that the local community has real talent. 

Death Walks has a bigger goal, this zombie movie plans to tour the global festival circuit, and should it move into creating a profit it will create a fund designed to allow Essex talents to seek out help, by creating both a talent bank, and a financial source of revenue to aid micro-budget movies. 

Spencer describes Death Walks as a zombie movie with a horrific twist, he compares it to John Carpenters The Fog, Doctor Who's Weeping Angels, Eden Lake and Youtube sensation Ninja Cat. 

"Death walks is scary, without being gory, it's filled with shocking twists, it's very different."

Filming of the movie begins on July 15th and ends on the 16th, the principle cast includes Scott Mullins, Kelsey Cain, Holly Boeva, Daniel Smales, Holly Goodhew and an army over over 150 zombies. Death Walks is an ensemble movie, with 24 actors taking lead roles of roughly the same length. 

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