Church of Sweden

The Bishops are looking for political courage on the climate issue

Press Release   •   May 12, 2014 11:52 BST

The Bishops’ missive on climate was launched today by Archbishop elect Antje Jackelén, Archbishop Anders Wejryd and Bishop Hans-Erik Nordin. Photos: Magnus Aronson/IKON

Sweden can be a leading country on climate. It is time for science, politics, culture and religion to work together. This is what the Bishops of the Church of Sweden write in an op-ed article in the weekly Church newspaper Kyrkans Tidning today.

The Bishops of the Church of Sweden have today also launched their Bishops’ missive on climate. It is a theological contribution to the debate on climate and sustainability in Sweden, with clear urgent requests to other Swedes and international decision makers.

“Climate change is probably the biggest common challenge ever faced by humanity. But popular concern and the seriousness of the reports on climate are not matched by climate and environment being placed high on the political agenda for the election,” write the Bishops in the op-ed article about climate.

The Bishops’ missive, which was launched in Uppsala this morning, begins with a summary of the state of current knowledge and ends with specific urgent requests to the Church of Sweden and Churches throughout the world, to decision makers in Sweden and the rest of the world, to companies and organisations and to individuals.

The Bishops’ missive on climate can be downloaded as a PDF on the website of the Bishops’ Conference. The site also has previous Bishops’ missives. The purpose of a Bishops’ missive is to convey what the Bishops, as leaders of the Church of Sweden, wish to jointly express to the Church’s employees and members, and to society in general.