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The Blackberry Bold 9780 – A Bolder Generation

Press release   •   Feb 10, 2011 09:49 GMT

If you are a fan of the Blackberry Bold, you must have had the 9000 Bold and the 9700 Bold in the past. These handsets were the cream of the crop of their time. They were primarily used by career-oriented individuals and businessmen to make work easier on the go. Now, they can enjoy a handset that just got bolder. Now, they can choose to get the next Bold generation in the 9780.

An emphasis to business applications was put into the design of this handset model. To satisfy your business priorities, the Bold offers its users business email integration. The handset allows you access to as much as 10 email accounts in one convenient place. This will ensure that no email vital to business will get past you. This includes your contacts, your calendar, and other important data. Business on the go has never been this easy.

The Blackberry 6 OS on the Bold ensures both productivity and multitasking. You can jump from app to app with ease. It does this through an application switcher. This feature will ensure that you get the job done no matter where you are. You can jump from stocks apps to your calendar, from a portfolio manager to a flight tracker, and from your daily planner to the latest in business news. You can get multiple tasks done with the Blackberry Bold 9780.

This handset is equipped with powerful connections. One way to connect to the internet is through a 3G network provider. Through a 3G network, you will enjoy lightning-fast downloads and uploads as long as there is coverage in your area. The second way the phone connects to the internet is through its powerful Wi-Fi capabilities. You can connect to any public hotspot or your home wireless network. This will allow you fast browsing and even allow you to make calls through VOIP.

Are you looking for the best route to get to your meeting? If this is the case, you never have to worry. The new Bold allows you to plot the best route from point A to point B with Blackberry Maps. The Blackberry Bold 9780 will always show you the way.


The popular Blackberry Bold 9780 is also available in its white version the Blackberry Bold 9780 White.

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