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The Blackberry Bold 9900 Is A Great Phone And Super Music Player

Press Release   •   Nov 20, 2011 18:53 GMT

RIM have a tradition for producing handsets that are exceptional messaging devices. The new Blackberry Bold 9900 offers the high quality you would expect in this area together with some superb multi media features that make the handset the best equipped phone ever released by the brand. We take a look at audio playback and video facilities on this exciting new model.

The modern smartphone is often used as a portable audio player and the Bold 9900 offers some great functionality in this area. The interface has received an update so it is visually more appealing than previous versions but the operation has remained the same. Tracks can be sorted by album, genre or artist and you also have the option to search for a specific title by typing in the name. Playlists are supported by the phone meaning that you can create selections of songs such as music for the gym or driving tracks. Full album artwork is supported by the software which means the phones screen displays a picture of the album cover which is very visually appealing. The 9900 incorporates a 3.5mm headphone socket so that you can use headphones of your own choice with the phone. You can also control how your music sounds as the handset sports it own graphic equaliser. This means that dance music fans can add a little more bass whilst acoustic lovers can concentrate more on the mid range frequencies. With 8GB of internal storage capacity along with a micro SD card slot there is plenty of space available for thousands of your favourite tracks.

The Blackberry Bold 9900offers some superb video playback features that sadly often get overlooked because of the models smaller than average screen. One of the great advantages of this model for video is that the display is widescreen format meaning that the phone does not have to be turned onto its side for a full image. Many larger screened phones have to be tilted in order to watch video in its correct ratio. A multitude of video file formats are accepted by the device including DivX, MPEG4 and Xvid. When we tested the phone on a variety of different footage the handset responded well offering smooth playback and clear images. Even when we tried some more demanding 720P HD footage the phone coped admirably.

Although the Blackberry Bold 9900 will be popular with corporate users and fans of messaging facilities the excellent audio and video features should see a different kind of consumer attracted to this powerful and stylish model.

The Blackberry Bold 9900 and the Blackberry Torch 9810 are available now.

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