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The Blackberry Torch 9810-How Video Recording Facilities Work

Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2011 20:04 GMT

The new Blackberry Torch 9810 is the latest model in the impressive Torch range of mobile handsets from RIM. This new model offers improved multi media features to help it keep pace with the numerous smartphones that are currently available. We take a closer look at the camera and video recording facilities available on this exciting new device.

The Torch 9810 offers a high quality 5 mega pixel still camera which is the largest resolution available on any current Blackberry device. Unlike some of its sibling models the handset does offer an auto focus facility which is pleasing and enables a high standard of photograph to be captured quickly and with relative ease. The auto focus is set by a half press on the shutter key which you then completely press to record the image. If you find this a little tiresome then you can switch to a continuous auto focus mode within the settings menu for this facility. An LED flash is built into the phone which helps maintain quality where the scene is a little dark but the final image does not match the standard of a photograph captured in natural lighting conditions. The interface for the camera facility is very simple with a shortcut bar occupying a segment at the bottom of the screen. From this bar you can choose to activate geotagging on your shots and you can also select a number of different scene selections that optimise the settings for different types of photograph. Among the preset settings are a portrait mode and a landscape mode for shots where you want to capture a whole scene rather than focus on a subject in the foreground. The Torch 9810 camera mode is impressive although it will never rival some of the offerings present on models such as the iPhone 4S. As far as Blackberry phones go this model is the best you can get with regards to photographic performance.

Just like the recently released Bold 9900 the Blackberry Torch 9810is one of a new generation of RIM handsets that boast high definition video capture. The model can record video footage at 720P resolution and with a frame rate of 30 per second. The LED flash that is used for the still camera doubles up as a video light meaning there really is no limit as to where you can make a recording. When you take a look at the quality of your final recording the results are very impressive. Footage has minimal noise and colours are recreated superbly. Should you choose to view your material on a larger screen a good level of detail is maintained. The device certainly rivals similar handsets in this department although once you start to consider phones that can capture 1080P footage you do begin to see a small difference in quality. Storage wise the Torch offers an internal capacity of 8GB which is superior to many of its rivals and there is also the option to increase this by adding a micro SD card which can potentially boost the capacity by up to 32GB.

The Torch range from RIM has always impressed us and the new Blackberry Torch 9810 is without doubt the most well equipped model to date. The phone offers an excellent still camera feature and the HD video capture really does capture every detail from the scene you are recording.

The Blackberry Torch 9810 and the iPhone 4S are available now.

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