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The Blackberry Torch – The OS 6 Advantage

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2011 15:25 GMT

Blackberry has created a number of dependable handsets in the recent past. We have noticed the capabilities and useful features in handsets such as the Pearl, the Curve, and the Bold. Now, we get to use the best the phone manufacturer has to offer. This is the BB Torch.

The handset comes fully loaded with features the phone manufacturer is known for. This is due to the powerful OS their handsets run on. With their unique OS, you get to enjoy more from wireless freedom and business applications. The Torch runs on the most advanced OS BB have to offer. This is the BB OS 6.

There are more things to enjoy with this up-to-date version of the popular OS. One of these advancements is viewing social feeds. When it comes to RSS and social feeds, you would have to log in and out of various accounts just to read on posts by friends and the latest news. This can be a time-consuming task especially when you have a number of accounts to access. With the OS 6, you never have to worry about this. You can view all of these feeds in one convenient place. This works the same when you want to type in a post. All you have to do is type in your update and send to a single, selected, or all accounts.

Another advancement to be enjoyed is tabbed browsing. You never have to keep on opening multiple browsers just to visit your favorite websites, email accounts, search engines, social networks, shopping websites, and so much more. With a single browser, you can visit all of these by opening a number of tabs. Regardless of the number of websites accessed, pages will load quickly. Prepare for faster and richer browsing with a tabbed browser.

At times, technological advancements come at a price. They are sometimes too complicated to figure out. This will not be the case here. Its design is both intuitive and fluid. You never have to scratch your head in confusion while trying to get accustomed to the handset’s new features. The Blackberry Torch is absolutely easy to use.


The Blackberry Torch is available in a white version with the White Blackberry Torch.

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