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The Blackberry Torch You Love In White

Press Release   •   Feb 09, 2011 01:24 GMT

Currently, there is one smartphone that has topped the list when it comes to handsets by Blackberry. It comes complete with features that only the aforementioned phone manufacturer can offer. This is the Blackberry Torch. Now, you can enjoy the features this phone comes with in a color that you prefer. You can now choose to get the handset in white.


For whatever reason you may have, the white version of the smartphone is now available. You may prefer a phone in white to mix and match with the clothes you wear. You may prefer a white phone to match with your white laptop or white MP3 player. You may even want the white smartphone to match your secondary phone like your Pearl or Bold. Whatever reason you may have for preferring the color, you can now enjoy the same Torch features in a color that appeals more to you.


The Torch is known for the cutting edge features it has to offer. One of these features is maximized multimedia. When it comes to memory, you will enjoy as much as 32 GB from a micro SD card. This will give you more than enough room to store all of your multimedia. Aside from the handset’s large memory capacity, it comes with a superior 5 MP camera that comes complete with other image and video enhancements. When music comes to mind, it comes with an enhanced music player that allows you to view things such as album arts in landscape or portrait view.


The handset also allows you to enjoy more from integrated social feeds. This is another advantage of the Blackberry 6 OS. The slider allows you to view feeds from various social networks all at once. In addition, it also allows you to update multiple social networks by typing in just one post. This is a more convenient way to stay connected with friends and family.


Browsing is another advantage you will enjoy on the Blackberry Torch in white. The phone offers nothing but lightning-fast tabbed browsing just like the browser on your computer. Enjoy power and style in a color you prefer.


The Blackberry Torch White is one of the three color choices of the Blackberry Torch.

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