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The Blazing Blackberry Torch In Red

Press Release   •   Feb 10, 2011 10:22 GMT

There are a number of mobile phone users who prefer handsets made by Blackberry. For them, there is one handset that is capable of giving them the most enjoyable mobile experience the only BB has to offer. This handset is the Blackberry Torch.

This mobile phone manufacturer has produced a number of dependable handset models. These are the Pearl, the Curve, and the Bold. However, if you want the most advanced mobile device this manufacturer has offer, then the Torch is the handset you have been looking for.

There are a number of phones that come with the most advanced features and the most powerful hardware the technology has to offer. However, they come in just a single color. This means that other people have the same phone, and there is no way to stand out. This is no longer the case. The Torch is now available in red.

The diversity in colors will not compromise the features this handset has to offer. Whether in white or in red, it still comes with advanced features its Blackberry 6 OS has to offer. One of these features is integrated social feeds.

With integrated social feeds, you never have log in and out of various social network accounts. You can view social or RSS feeds all in one convenient view. You can view friend’s posts on Twitter and Facebook all in one place. You can view RSS feeds on CBC News, CNN Top Stories, Yahoo Top Stories and so much more. If ever you feel the need to type in a post, you never have to log in and out of your various accounts just for an update. You can type in a post once and send it to various networks all at one time.

When it comes to browsing, you will enjoy faster and more reliable tabbed web browsing. Pages will load instantly, and you can manage multiple websites all at once. When it comes to website access, you can access your favorite sites through bookmarks and customized names that can be found on the home screen of the Blackberry Torch in red.


The Torch is available in two colors: the Blackberry Torch Red and the Blackberry Torch White.

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