Centre for Holistic Health


Press Release   •   May 20, 2016 12:50 BST

The Centre for Holistic Health, an alternative medical health centre in the heart of Edinburgh, has rebranded and changed their name to Edinburgh Health. The business has also moved to a new location with the following contact details:

One St. Colme Street Edinburgh EH3 6AA
Phone : (0131) 220 8430
E-mail : appointments@edinburghhealth.co.uk

The business has undergone a significant transformation in past few years. The new identity had to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what the original mark stood for, while simultaneously moving the brand forward to acknowledge the maturity, accessibility, and simplicity of the service, making “Edinburgh Health” the cornerstone of their branding in the region.

In keeping things simple Edinburgh Health has not changed the product logo, just continued to deliver great value services that satisfy their client’s expectations time after time.

Charmaine Shepherd B.Sc. Biomed., N.dip. Ac, MBAcC, continues to lead the company forward. Acupuncture, biofeedback and other alternative health services and prices remain the same.

Some of their practitioners are now practicing from different locations but will still provide the excellent level of service that clients have come to expect. The therapists will also continue to work closely together, so even though they will no longer be at 5A York Place, the therapists will still maintain their strong working relationships.

For bookings, please contact the therapists directly using the details below:

Jenny Livingston
One St. Colme Street
Edinburgh EH3 6AA

Amanda Burnham
One St. Colme Street
Edinburgh EH3 6AA

and Balanced Physiotherapy
Queen Street
0131 315 3105

Jean Dow
Wight Chiropractic Clinic
07973 368 189
30 Roseburn Place, Edinburgh EH12 5NX


Charmaine Shepherd
One St. Colme Street
Edinburgh EH3 6AA
0131 220 8430

The building has disabled access and plenty of on street parking

Bookings can be made at the following URL:

or by email. You could also leave a message on 0131 220 8430.

Sue Matthews BSc hons. for Bodywork and Reflexology.
077 468 900 48

Sue runs her own practice from the Natural Health Clinic, within the grounds of the Meadowbank Sports Centre, London Road, Edinburgh. Clinic visits are by appointment so please contact Sue direct to book your Bodywork or Reflexology appointment (as there is no reception service). Please leave your name and number on the answer phone and Sue will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible (Mon-Fri.) There is free parking outside the clinic, within the Sports Centre carpark and excellent bus links along London Road. There is one small step (with handrail), to access the building – for those with mobility issues.

Please see the website for more information and a link to google map below:


The Natural Health Clinic, Meadowbank, 143 London Road, Edinburgh EH7 6AE

(The clinic is accessed via the Car Park of Meadowbank Sports Centre, next door to ‘Ageing Well’).


Sue looks forward to continuing her work with you and welcoming you to the Natural Health Clinic!


Douglas Caird

Douglas Caird – Reflexology; Intuitive Massage; Holistic Hypnotherapy & EFT; Reiki.
Douglas will continue to offer home and on-site visits in and around Edinburgh and Fife, as well as monthly visits to Gloucestershire.

Edinburgh Health looks forward to delivering excellent health services with this new branding at their new location, One St. Colme Street Edinburgh EH3 6AA. To contact them phone : (0131) 220 8430, E-mail : appointments@edinburghhealth.co.uk, http://edinburghhealth.co.uk.

Charmaine Shepherd B.Sc. Biomed., N.dip. Ac, MBAcC, offers a wide range of holistic, alternative and complementary medicine including acupuncture, biofeedback, HRV coherence training, Acugraph Digital Scan and more, all in the heart of Edinburgh. Available at Edinburgh Health located at One St. Colme Street Edinburgh EH3 6AA.