The Dreambox 500 HD Can Save You Money

Press release   •   Mar 19, 2012 11:11 GMT

DreamBox500s.co.uk is offering Dreamboxes direct from the factory in China at very good prices compared to the German machines. These machines have now been tested for over 10 months and have shown themselves to be the completely reliable. A significant feature of the Dreambox decoders is the fact that the programming is written in Linux and is thus upgradeable.

It is very much up to the purchaser to decide which model is appropriate for his needs. The most tempting might be the latest model; the Dreambox DM800 HD will receive the cable signal in HD . It is actually a fairly comprehensive piece of equipment. Its major function is of course that it is a High Definition receiver and can also receive radio programs.

It has a 30Mhz processor and can interface with computer via a 10/100Mbit Ethernet. It has a Dvi connector as well as a Scart RGB composite Socket. S video output. It also has 2 USB sockets, a smart card reader. There is room to insert a 2.5" Sata Hard Drive. And this is only skimming the highlights of its feature rich attributes.

This is not the only product being promoted in their range. The DM8000 HD PVR is the top of their range. This is a high definition PVR. In addition to High Definition, it has an upgrade for a DVD drive (slot in). And it has USB 2.0. Physically on DVI-port, but with the supplied DVI to HDMi Cable you can use HDMI video. It has a 400MHz MIPS Processor also using a Linux open source programmable operating system with a full feature rich list of attributes. Costing considerably more than the Dreambox 800 HD it is a far superior machine.

They are also promoting 2 TB hard drives for quite a few of the dream box series. A 2 TB hard drive will enable almost a thousand movies to be recorded as the average 1 and a half hour movie is barely a gigabyte

There are also various other items on promotion, The DreamBox 600c, the Dreambox 500 HD and 500c as well as the 500S (C being for cable and S for Satellite, the 7020 , 7020 dm as the 7020Si models as well as the 7025 range od digital satellite receivers.

Each of these machines have different features and different prices. The technology in some of them are rapidly being overtaken by new models coming out. But that should not be a problem.

Depending on your needs it is possible that you do not need or will not use all the fantastic features of the latest machines. And the Smart Card system will still be in use for the foreseeable future so until the switch over to HD is compulsory, and that is some years hence, plus you have not yet got yourself an HD Video Display or TV there is really no need for you to purchase a HD receiver.

Similarly if you are receiving cable why on earth would you need a satellite decoder.

As to technicalities, All items are shipped to anywhere in the UK or the United States to the shipping address stipulated in the PayPal system. The items will be shipped once payment has been cleared. Only PayPal is acceptable.

All items are of the highest quality and are brand new and unused.

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Dreambox 500 HD is just one of the many items on promotion from DreamBox500s.co.uk.