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The Excellent Atrix From Motorola-The Phone of 2011

Press release   •   Feb 13, 2011 10:22 GMT

For every twenty or so new mobile phones that are announced there is usually one that really catches the eye. The Motorola Atrix is that handset, and what a handset it is. Not only do the looks impress, it is what is under the bonnet that grabs the headlines, along with what can be added to the phone, making more than your average phone.

The Atrix is the flagship handset in Motorola’s range, and follows on from impressive phones such as the Milestone 2. Looking at the design of the phone, it is pleasing on the eye without really treading any new grown. The large 4 inch display takes up much of the front of the unit. The rear panel features a mottled effect that makes the phone not only feel comfortable in the hand but is also less likely to show up any marks or imperfections. It is pleasing to see that the phone is fitted with a huge capacity 1930mAh battery, nearly 30% more than is found on most smartphones, and this should ensure that the excellent 1Ghz dual core processor does not affect battery life in a major way. The Atrix boasts an excellent 16GB of internal storage capacity, with the added bonus of a micro SD card slot which enables you to extend this by amounts of up to 32GB.

Two areas really stand out on the new Motorola Atrix. Firstly the screen is so good that it is arguably the best currently available. Despite being slightly lower in resolution than the iPhone 4, the 960 x 540 on offer hear exceeds the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S and offers not only a crystal clear image but also a huge palette of colours, making everything you see look vivid and lifelike. Durability is also good thanks to the screen being constructed with a specially strengthened material named Gorilla Glass. This material is used on high speed trains and helicopters and is not only stronger than most other materials used on screens, but also much more resistant to scratches and scuffs. The second area where the Atrix makes a great impression is with the add on docking stations available. Not content with offering a simple desktop charger, there is also a laptops dock as well as a multimedia station. The first of these enables the user to turn their phone into a laptop, with an 11.6” screen and keyboard as well as a separate battery so as not to place to much strain on the phone. The second offers great connectivity functions, enabling connection to a home television, as well as opening the door for use with keyboards, remote controls and a USB mouse. This is perfect for watching any media on the phone on the large screen.

As a mobile phone, the Motorola Atrix is great, but taking into account that the extras on offer make it much more than a typical handset, it is fair to say that this is a truly exceptional handset.

The Motorola Atrix and the Blackberry Playbook are coming soon.

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