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The Excellent Google Nexus S-Released On O2 And Vodafone

Press Release   •   Feb 14, 2011 09:26 GMT

The Google Nexus S is the latest in the range of the improving Nexus handsets. It hosts the latest version of popular operating system Android, and is essentially a phone designed by Samsung, and the similarities between this model and the popular Samsung Galaxy S are striking.

The Nexus S is a lightweight phone at just 129 grammes, meaning that in practice its very comfortable, however it does lack the feeling of expensiveness offered by the metal bodies of phones such as the iPhone 4. The overall dimensions of the phone are 123.9 x 63 x 10.9mm which is fairly comparable with the majority of large screen smart phones currently available. Within the frames the Nexus sports a high quality 4 inch display, which in fairness is one of the stand out aspects of this model. Not only is the resolution superb at 480 x 800 pixels, but the actual glass used on the screen has a very slight curve, enhancing the look of the phone and setting it apart from many of its rivals. The screen utilises the latest Super AMOLED technology which means not only is the panel incredibly slimline, it also has great properties with regards to viewing in natural sunlight. You can find the usual array of sensors on this model including an accelerometer for auto rotation and a proximity sensor, but less common is the "Three Axis Gyro Sensor". This makes the handset a great gaming device thanks to its excellent motion detection, similar to what you can find on a Nintendo Wii console. Dotted around the sides of the phone are the normal selection of buttons and ports. Unusually the headphone jack and the micro USB socket are both located on the bottom side of the phone, a practice that is becoming increasingly popular on new models.

One exciting aspect about the Google Nexus S is that not only doe it run on the hugely popular Android platform, but it is sporting the very latest 2.3 version. In fairness this is not to different from the previous version. Looks wise the interface and homescreen layout are superb, and in practice they are easy to use and very responsive. Power management is one area where improvements have been made, with the handset actually monitoring which applications are running and shutting them down for you if they are not necessary or start to misbehave. A nice, if totally unnecessary addition is the way the handset switches in to lock mode, firstly reducing to a thin white line, and then to a dot, much like the style of old fashioned CRT televisions. A pointless feature, but none the less one that looks great and adds appeal to this impressive phone.

The Google Nexus S makes the most of gorgeous styling and a great OS, resulting in a phone that is functional, fun and up there with the very best in terms of specification.

The Google Nexus S and the Motorola Defy are available now.

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