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The Excellent HTC Wildfire-Available On O2 And T Mobile

Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2011 23:49 GMT

The Wildfire handset from HTC features the usual list of great feature associated with other smartphones such as the Desire and the Smart. By cutting a couple of corners in respect to the handsets screen, the manufacturers have managed to pitch this excellent model as a budget handset, despite its excellent credentials.

The obvious area where HTC could make some changes is with the phones screen, and by stepping away from AMOLED technology in favour of LCD they have kept costs down whilst offering a great standard of picture. The screen itself measures 3.2", slightly smaller than the average smart phone but this does help the Wildfire achieve slightly smaller dimensions than many comparable models. Graphically images are great, the 320 x 240 quality being perfect for the slightly reduced size of the screen, and the ability to produce 16 million colours helps maintain this great standard. One area where the screen is superb is responsiveness. Thanks to it being capacitive rather than resistive technology, the lightest touch from the user is instantly transformed to movement on screen, and this is especially apparent when using the pinch and zoom method in order to zoom in on a subject. It really feels as though your finger are controlling the image, and the phones fast 528Mhz processor helps this by resizing the page almost instantly. The familiar set of Android keys are situated below the screen, with HTC adding their own optical trackpad to this set. This addition is always appreciated, especially given the precision it gives on potentially more trick tasks such as copying and pasting or checking the composition of a message.

Being an Android 2.1 handset, HTC Wildfire users can take advantage of Googles excellent free satellite navigation tool. This uses the phones own GPS and compass to act as a versatile assistant if you spend a lot of time travelling, whether on foot or in a car. Android also offers a wealth of other downloads thanks to the numerous developers who have produced programmes and applications for the platform. What makes Android really stand out on this models is the Sense user interface which overlays it, bringing a wealth of useful features and also an element of fun to using the phone. An example of this is the excellent Friendstream, which will appeal to the younger generation thanks to its excellent managemet of social networking sites. It places information from sites including Facebook and Twitter all in one place, making updating your status easy and viewing what is happening with your friends a simple task. The Wildfire boasts Bluetooth connectivity, allowing easy and wireless connection to compatible products.

As a regular smartphone, the HTC Wildfire would be a good model, but what makes it particularly impressive is its budget pricepoint which makes it all the more exceptional.

The HTC Wildfire and the HTC 7 Pro are available now.

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