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The Excellent HTC Wildfire Available On Vodafone And SIM Free

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2011 23:29 GMT

HTC should further strengthen their reputation as the leading smartphone manufacturer with their Wildfire handset. Despite not breaking any new ground with regards to specification, where this model impresses is with the volume of features it can offer in a lower priced model.

Using the Wildfire for the first time, an area you will immediately notice where it excels is the responsiveness of the display. Being a capacitive touch panel, the screen responds much better than alternatives that use the resistive styled screens which rely more upon pressure. not only does this allow easy movement around the homescreens and web pages, it is also especially useful on features such as pinch and zoom, where simply nipping your finger and thumb together zooms in on the page. Despite offering a lower resolution than many models, the Wildfires 320 x 240 display still manages to offer a good level of quality. Particularly apparent is the excellent range of colours on offer which totals 16 million. In fairness, the screen is where HTC have managed to keep the cost down on this phone, we know they have the technology to offer 480 x 800 displays, but adding such a screen in this phone would not only drive the price up, but would effectively make the handset identical to the HTC HD Mini. The engine room in this model is a Qualcomm 528Mhz processor which adequately handles all you can ask of it, with the modest screen not placing to much strain upon it. Likewise with the battery, you can expect a large 8 hours 10 minutes of 3G talktime thanks to relatively little strain being placed upon it.

The HTC Wildfire runs on the excellent Android operating system, with version 2.1 incorporated in this model. Android brings a wealth of benefits to the consumer. An excellent free satellite navigation tool from Google is fitted on this model, which gives another element of functionality to proceedings. As an established operating system, as well as the most widely used, one thing you can be assured of is that there will be a huge range of applications available from the online marketplace. HTC have surpassed themselves with the "Sense" UI, their own interface for Android, and it works like a dream. Simply pinching the screen gives an overview of all of your homescreens, and all social networking profiles are place together in one feed named "Friendstream", making moth viewing and managing your accounts a very simple affair. A 5 mega pixel camera offers a good standard of image, whilst WiFi internet connectivity is available in addition to 3g, EDGE and GPRS.

The HTC Wildfire does a great job of offering the consumer a comprehensive and good specification package at a price much lower than you would expect. Coupled with the exciting colour choices available, the Wildfire is a great phone.

The HTC Wildfire and the LG Optimus 7 are available now.

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