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The Excellent HTC Wildfire In A Range Of Stylish Colours

Press release   •   Feb 11, 2011 18:52 GMT

The HTC Wildfire is a good quality smartphone benefiting from the usual array of features you expect to find from a name such as HTC. This model does tackle the lower end of the smartphone scale, so there have been obvious cutbacks such as the screen, but the result is still an outstanding handset.

One area where the Wildfire does hold its own against its more illustrious counterparts is with regards to design. Casting your eyes across the model for the first time, its looks very much like the HTC Desire, but a slightly more compact version. Corners are neatly curved and the back panel features a stylish metallic strip flanked by two rubberised sections that give a more comfortable grip on the chassis. The screen takes up a large chunk of the fascia, leaving just enough room for a simple row of keys beneath it. The display measures 3.2" and in a bid to keep costs down shys away from AMOLED technology as is found in the Samsung Galaxy S in favour of the cheaper yet effective TFT screen. At 320 x 240, the resolution is not going to set the world alight, but does offer a very good quality of picture which makes photographs look vibrant and maintains this quality when viewing small text on web pages and documents. The touchscreen offers good responsiveness thanks to a capacitive touch panel, and there is also the added bonus of an optical trackpad positioned beneath the screen which offers a more precise form of navigation, ideal for when editing documents. To zoom in you can use the great pinch and zoom method made famous by the iPhone thanks to the screen supporting multi touch technology.

When using the HTC Wildfire, you will notice that the handset performs at a good speed, despite only offering a 528Mhz processor. Although nearly half the power of the 1Ghz chip fitted on many new Windows 7 models, this is still more than adequate thanks to the relatively low strain the screen places upon it. Browsing the web is a joy on this model. The in built browser is easy to use and the comprehensive connectivity options on offer mean wherever you are, access should never be a problem. Being a 3G model, when on the move you can take advantage of the fastest possible connection. Coverage for this system is ever increasing but should you stray outside of it borders, then EDGE and GPRS do offer fast and reliable alternatives. WiFI is the stand out name amongst this collection, and thus when possible to connect to a network, this method gives you the ultimate mobile online experience

Available in a range of modern colours, this modern phone flirts with the cheaper end of the market, whilst offering functionality that belongs on a much higher priced handset. The HTC Wildfire and the LG A133 Red are available now.

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