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The Excellent iPhone 4 From Apple In A White Finish

Press Release   •   Feb 14, 2011 08:30 GMT

In 2010 Apple followed up the excellent iPhone 3GS with the super iPhone 4. In 2011 we can welcome the iPhone 4 in an ultra modern white finish, making what was the most desirable handset available even more stylish.

A white version of previous versions of the iPhone basically meant a different coloured back panel. This new model means a totally different chassis as the two sheets of glass used in the construction of the phone are actually the colour of the handset. So in short the phone looks different from both the front and the back. A metallic strip encases the phone between these two sheets, adding to the modern look of the model. Looks aside, the other stand out feature is undoubtedly the screen, which boasts an unparalleled 960 x 640 resolution. This new "Retina" display has set the new benchmark for all displays to aspire to, producing a resolution that surpasses what the human eye can see. The LED backlit display utilises in plane switching technology to give great viewing angles and an image that is easy to view in natural sunlight. This style of panel also enables the iPhone 4 to achieve a slim depth of just 9.3mm, which was until the LG Optimus Black was announced, the slimmest phone in the world. Looking around the phone you will notice that there are two cameras incorporated. The main unit on the rear can capture 5 mega pixel images along with 720P HD video footage, whilst the front facing camera is there to allow user to use the excellent new Face Time video calling system.

Although the Ios4 software looks fairly similar to previous offerings, you will find the iPhone 4 White works very differently behind the scenes. Firstly this model supports multi tasking, enabling you to leave an application and return to it at a later time and pick up where you left off. This was a major problem with previous iPhones and is very welcome on this new phone. In terms of the layout of your homescreen, there is now the facility to add your own folders to the screen, allowing you to group similar applications together ie games and photography. Apple have fitted the same processor in this new model as is found on the acclaimed iPad, and this is evident when you see the speed at which this model operates. Internal storage capacity comes in two sizes, with 16GB proving ample for the average user and the larger 32GB for those who really want to utilise the multimedia features.

The iPhone 4 is undoubtedly the most popular phone available, and this new colour variation only strengthens this desirability of this user friendly, feature packed phone.

The iPhone 4 White and the LG Optimus Black are coming soon.

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