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The Excellent iPhone 4 Sporting a Fresh White Finish

Press Release   •   Feb 12, 2011 23:31 GMT

Apple are set to release the massively popular iPhone 4 handset in an eye catching white finish which looks set to further increase the popularity of this already best selling handset.

Putting design elements to one side for a while, the most striking difference when using the phone as compared to previous models is the quality produced by the new "Retina" display. The screen is named this as it has the ability to exceed what the human eye can see. This is thanks to the huge resolution of 960 x 640 that exceeds the 480 x 800 found on similar high end handsets such as the HTC Desire HD. Other models have attempted to replicate this display with varying degrees of success, but none have so far managed to better it. Nokia have rolled out their "ClearBlack" displays and Samsung have produced a good quality Super AMOLED. Taking a look at the physical design of the iPhone 4, it is without doubt one of the best looking phones available. At roughly 24% less depth than the 3GS, the 9.3mm depth was until recently the most slimline phone available, however the new LG Optimus Black has shaved 0.1mm off this figure. A nice aspect of this new model is that the White finish sees a marked difference in the actual look of the phone, rather than just a different coloured back panel. The white does offer a refreshing change to the familiar black look. Sandwiched between to the two glass panels that comprise the front and back of the phone is a stainless steel strip that not only looks sleek, but acts as the phones antenna.

You will notice when using the iPhone 4 White that the phone operates at an incredible pace, and that is thanks to Apple using the same A4 processor chip that is found in the iPad. Rather than proving an extra drain on battery life, quite the opposite is true thank to a new higher powered battery and improved power management which means this model can offer improvements over the 3GS of 7 hours 3G talktime or 300 hours in standby. This latest model also offer a revamped operating system which for the first time brings multitasking options to the iPhone platform. This saves you having to totally exit the application you are using to perform another task, instead the phone marks the progress you have made on your existing task and closes it, allowing you to pick up from where you left off next time. This improved feature along with the ability to make your own sub folders for applications greatly improves the user friendliness of the iPhone.

The iPhone 4 is already a hugely popular model, and this new colour variation looks set to win even more fans to this already popular platform.

The iPhone 4 White and the Motorola Cliq 2 are coming soon.

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