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The Excellent Motorola Atrix-Setting The Standard For Smartphones

Press Release   •   Feb 13, 2011 10:20 GMT

The merging of home computer technology with mobile phones has taken a massive leap with the latest smartphone from Motorola, the Atrix.

Not content with being a fully functioning and high specification smartphone, this new model even has the ability to be converted into a laptop with the simple addition of a dock, as well as sporting a dual core processor. As a mobile phone, the Atrix exceeds all expectations. Looks wise the phone is not dissimilar to many other offerings such as the HTC Desire HD and the iPhone 4. The large 4 inch screen occupies much of the fascia. This screen has been named qHD by Motorola and off a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels, mitching itself well above the industry standard, and certainly up there with Apples Retina display in terms of results. As you would expect from a high end phone, the touch panel uses capacitive technology to give you great responsiveness, with the powerful processor scrolling through pages at great speed. One nice aspect of this display is its durability. Motorola have used the same Gorilla glass as has been used by other manufacturers to increase longevity of the screen. Not only is this material resistant to scratches, its all round general strength is an appealing factor, especially in these days of increasing contract lengths. The Atrix runs on the Android 2.2 operating system, with updates available for the latter 2.3 version.

The Motorola Atrix comes with two cameras, both a rear and a front facing affair. Whilst the front camera is in place mainly for video calling, the rear snapper is what you will use to take the majority of your snaps, offering a 5 mega pixel resolution along with HD video capture. Despite the results looking great on the phones own screen, it is when the unit is hooked up to the optional multi media dock that it comes into its own. This dock not only offers HDMI for easy and high quality TV connection, but also three USB ports. This effectively turns the phone into its own multi media centre, with the option of adding items such as a keyboard and mouse for the best large screen experience. Perhaps the most impressive dock that is available for this versatile machine is the laptop dock. Complete with its own battery, an 11.6 inch display and keyboard, the unit utilises the processing power of the phone to turn it into a fully functioning netbook. Even the phone itself behaves differently, with a Linux based operating system kicking in, allowing full net access thanks to full Firefox browsing being enabled.

The Motorola Atrix sets a new standard for the modern smartphone, thinking outside of the box to provide not only a modern and capable phone, but a versatile unit that performs superbly as a basic laptop and media centre.

The Motorola Atrix and the Nokia X5 are coming soon

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